Thank you for the guidance, advice and suggestions given to me! I will not come to this far without the sincere assistance from so many individuals! Too many people that have helped out from preparation to research, I am sorry that I might left out some individuals in this appreciation wall, but I really appreciate all the kind assistance!

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Research Advisory

  • Prof John Suckling, University of Cambridge

Financial Advisory

  • Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Tariq Bin Idris
  • Dr. Chan Weng Howe
  • Dr. Muhammad Hanif Bin Ramlee
  • Dr. Azurah A Samah
  • Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Mohammed Rafiq bin Dato’ Abdul Kadir

Program Advisory

  • Prof. Dr. Durrishah Bte Idrus
  • En. Masnawi Bin Miskam
  • En. Haironizam Bin Mohamad
  • Pn. Nur Fatihah Binti Md Rafi
  • Dr. Noorfa Haszlinna Bte Mustaffa

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