University of Cambridge

Visiting Research Student. Date: 1st September 2019 – 17th January 2020. Supervisor: Prof John Suckling.

Crowdfunding reached 100%

Crowdfunding for my research in Cambridge has reached 100% TARGET!众筹达到100%目标了! I really thank you all who supported me, this 20 days miracle is created togetherRead More

Gatsby Install Gatsby -g : global npm i -g gatsby-cli Generate new application gatsby new [app-name] Gatsby don’t use “;” Elements in Gatsby: Components PagesRead More

Bioinformatics & Big Data Analysis

Bioinformatics Cost Effective Calculation System For Synthesis of ATP Tandem Repeats Detection System Heart Attack Detection Appat Digital Health Care Hackathon 2018 Dr.Skin – SkinRead More

Software Development

UTM Online Grading SystemWebsite for UTM lecturers to key in students’ grades.(HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP)for Web Programming Subject SUPERB | Suggesting Events Based On PersonalitiesWebRead More

System Design

Food & Beverage Ordering System (FBOS)(C++ based)for Programming Techniques Subject Vending Machine(Assembly Language)for Computer Organization and Architecture Subject o7o Bike Buying App(Back end database design)forRead More

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Bachelor of Computer Science (Bioinformatics) Course Content: Year 1 Semester 1 SCSD1513 Technology and Information System SCSI1013 Discrete Structure SCSJ1013 Programming Technique I SCSR 1013Read More