1.1 Introduction to Thinking, Computer Architecture, and Intelligence

What I know Remarks
AI is about how we make the computer/machine think and act like human.
This requires big data input to the machine, so that it covers most of the possibilities of input and it process to generate the appropriate output.
Turing test is to test whether a machine can think like a human. It is done by having a machine ask question without knowing A and B which is machine and which is human. The turing machine will decide which is which by reading the answers given by both.

Computer Architecture

Cognitive Learning

  • The keys of success for AI is to think and act like human, therefore it is important to study cognitive learning of human, and make AI machine based on that process.
    • Cognitive learning includes 3 main elements – Comprehension, Memory and Application.
    • For example, when we learn AI, we will first understand how AI fits into a larger picture, this is why the first topic in any syllabus is always Introduction, to give a big picture of how something works and being applied in real life. Then memory formed when we build memory on past knowledge, the more we link each new memory with the old one, the easier it is to recall. Then when it comes to application of the knowledge, it is about creating new connections, just like how we relate our study process with machine learning process.

Representing the Knowledge

  • Computer has a limited representation in the form of binary states – 1 or 0.
  • We must program the computers to represent the objects according to the collected data.
  • Techniques and approaches:
    • Graph-based representation
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Relational database design
    • Symbolic computation

Searching for Solutions

1.2 What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Strong AI vs Weak AI

What I know Remarks
AI is the ability of machine to mimic human’s ability.
Strong AI can act according to the situation given, while weak AI has very limited process on input. If the input given is not within the coverage, the machine will stop to function.

1.3 AI Timeline and Current Trend

What I know Remarks
A well known AI milestone is the record of self-driving car competition?
Now AI has been applied in many industries especially the factory to reduce man power and increase the productivity.
  • During WW2: Alan Turing had introduced the concept of automation processing machinery to break encrypted codes came from a German communication device.
  • 1950 – After WW2, Alan published his work on computational intelligence. Marked the early progress of AI in the world.
  • 1955 – John McCarthy coin the term Artificial Intelligence for the first time.
    • Huge number of projects has been proposed, contributing to
      • Robotics
      • natural language processing
      • data prediction
  • 1980 – Japan government invested in 5th gen computer project.
  • 1982 – John Hopfield introduced new associative-based connection model to address pattern in data.

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